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Charitable Grants

Osage Foundation Charitable Grants Guidelines

The purpose of Osage Charitable Grants is to fund projects and activities that directly benefit Osage citizens and the Osage Nation. Individuals and organizations are eligible for these grants and the maximum amount available is $2,500. No matching funds from the recipient are required.

  • Requests should be submitted on an Osage Nation Foundation official donation request form. Please download the form by clicking here.

  • Requests should include a detailed description of how the donation will be used.

  • Applicants should ensure their project falls within the mission statement of the Osage Nation Foundation: The mission of the Osage Nation Foundation is to promote and enhance the general welfare of the people of the Osage Nation by supporting cultural, educational, health, historical, community and other appropriate activities and programs.

  • Requests are reviewed as applications are received although it is recommended that all applications be received a minimum of 60 days before the funds are needed.

  • Applicants who are Osage Nation members should include a copy of their membership cards with the application.

  • The review process can take up to a month or more.

  • A recipient may be awarded only one grant of any kind from the Osage Nation Foundation per fiscal year.

Note: No Osage Foundation funds may be used for finder’s fees or paid as commission to grant writers.

How to Submit Your Application

Download the application form by clicking here.

To submit via mail please send to:

Osage Nation Foundation Charitable Grant Program
Attn: Funds Request
P.O. Box 92777
Southlake, TX 76092

To submit via email please send to: with a subject line: Osage Charitable Grant Request