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Osage Nation Foundation Scholarships

Osage Nation Foundation Announces Aristocrat Gaming Scholarship Foundation


Osage Nation Foundation (ONF), in partnership with Aristocrat Gaming, is pleased to announce the five recipients of the merit-based 2023-24 educational scholarships. The scholarships, valued at $10,000, were awarded to five enrolled members of Osage Nation attending colleges and universities throughout the United States and abroad.


The recipients include:

Marina Ketrenos
Oregon State University


My name is Marina Ketrenos. I'm 18 at the time of receiving this generous award, and I'm heading into my second year at Oregon State University. In my pursuit of understanding across a variety of disciplines, I have committed to earning two majors and two minors-bioengineering and mathematics majors, with an option in computational and applied math, and Spanish and chemistry minors. To satisfy my desire to do more creativity-based things as well, I've decided to write an original novel as the focus of my Honors College thesis project.


During my time at OSU, I've obtained a position working for our student government, the Associated Students of OSU, as a Disability Lounge Coordinator and student advocate. Additionally, I'm employed as a tutor for students at my university who are visiting the Math & Statistics Leaming Center and students enrolled in the TRIO Student Support Services program. When I have time, I also like to volunteer at Heartland Humane Shelter & Care to assist in bettering the lives of the animals in housing there. Advocacy, community development, and education are very important to me, and I highly value being able to promote these through my positions at OSU and beyond.


After graduating from OSU, I hope to earn a master's degree at a graduate institution with advanced bioengineering or biomaterial research programs. Post-college, I intend to go into work as a researcher and developer of biotechnologies that will benefit members of my communities who have suffered the loss of a human function. My goal is to further the advancement of bioelectronics to replace biological functions, particularly organs and limbs. I believe that through the application of my STEM education and interpersonal abilities, I will be able to contribute to something far greater than myself and hopefully better the lives of many.

I am eager to continue my education, and I know that this award will help me significantly in my endeavors.

Aleacia (Jesse) Newby
University of Oklahoma


My name is Jesse Newby, and I am a citizen of the Osage Nation.  I graduated from Owasso High School in May of 2022 and currently attend The University of Oklahoma. 


While attending High School I took programming and computer science classes that I had heavily enjoyed and motivated me to seek a degree path in Computer Science (CS). What I love most about the computer science field is the boundless creativity it offers through coding. 


The University of Oklahoma has built upon my understanding of various programming languages, data structures, and software engineering principles. This has given me more tools to work with for the programs that I create, which is very valuable for a gaming environment.  Computer Science) is a field and degree that will help me give back to my Osage tribe upon completion. 


At the University of Oklahoma, I became a member of the Computer Science Includes team, a community of students and professors that meet once a week to unite and celebrate with other indigenous tribes while promoting academic achievements in computer science.  


This fall I have been fortunate enough to be chosen by Computer Science Includes faculty to attend the AAA S-Stem Scholars conference in Washington DC. Where I will receive guidance in various areas such as career planning, internships, resume applications and more.

Maile Tinker
Colorado School of Mines


Maile Tinker grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado where she enjoyed evenings of competitive soccer, jigsaw puzzles, and sharing a bathroom with three sisters. As the 2021 Senior Class President of Fossil Ridge High School, she organized several events and service projects for her peers. This gave Maile a taste for leadership and a life ambition to serve others. This, coupled with an academic strength in math and science, led her to a top STEM school in the country, Colorado School of Mines, in Golden, Colorado. Maile is currently in her third year of undergraduate studies where she is pursuing a degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics.


This academic pursuit first caught Maile’s attention during her first year in college as the culminating point of her interests, strengths, and passion. Her love for puzzle-solving, organizing, and detail-oriented work directed her toward the statistics and data science side of mathematics. She believes all the questions we have can be answered through the data on that topic, whether it be art, medicine, tech, or even gaming; the answers are hidden in the statistics. Maile values education as a pathway to success and hopes to eventually gain a Master’s Degree in Data Science. It is her career goal to dissect data to equip people with knowledge, efficient paths forward, and sound advice.


Aside from academic pursuits, Maile works for multiple campus jobs as a Campus Tour Guide, Peer Mentor, and as the Women’s Programming Assistant for Admissions at Colorado School of Mines. These positions have allowed her to grow professional development skills as a public speaker, conflict resolver, and helping hand. As a woman in STEM, she is passionate about fostering inclusive environments that empower minorities to pursue STEM careers. As a leader in her sorority and campus ministry, she actively engages with other students to see each member reach his or her potential. In her future career, she plans to lead by example through her actions and advice, get involved by volunteering or working events that cater to these populations, or pay it back through scholarships or mentorship programs for young women in STEM.

Garrett Van Evera
Attending Clemson University


My name is Garrett Van Evera, I am a 20-year-old member of the Osage tribe. I currently attend Clemson University in Seneca, South Carolina as a Computer Information Systems major with a minor in Cybersecurity.


Clemson has been a great school for me and I have been able to fully explore many of my hobbies while here, such as biking and competitive fighting games.


I am employed as a student laptop support technician in my college's IT department, resolving laptop-related issues for both students and faculty members. Additionally, I oversee Clemson's Loaner Laptop program. My passion for gaming since childhood has naturally evolved into a deep interest in computers of all types. I have developed personal software and assembled and upgraded my own gaming and coding PC. As part of my gaming pursuits, I actively participate in competitive play of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and achieved the 10th ranking on Clemson's spring leaderboard. I aim to continue pursuing this competitive hobby throughout my college journey.


I come from a single-parent household, and my mother has shouldered the responsibility of providing for our family after the tragic loss of my father in early 2016. Scholarships such as this one greatly contributes to alleviating my mother's financial burdens while supporting all three of her children in attending college. My goal is to either complete my schooling in four years total or secure an internship or Co-op and use what I've learned to get an entry-level job in the tech world doing database construction and management. 


My dream is to eventually move out to the Rocky Mountains and be able to work during the week and ski during the weekends of the winter months. 


I am honored and grateful to be selected for this scholarship and would like to thank those that selected me for it, as well as my family for urging me to apply for it.

Benjamin Young
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Benjamin Young is a junior at MIT where he studies biochemistry.

I’ve wanted to be a scientist for as long as I remember, but I didn’t quite know what to study when I first came to MIT. I tried out classes in math, computer science, and physics but none of them truly captivated me. However, the more I talked to people both at my university and in the Osage community, I realized that best way I can pursue a career as I scientist and give back to my community is through biochemistry.


Throughout this summer, I’ve been fortunate enough to work an internship at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. During my time there, I’ve worked on various biomedical research projects intended to improve diagnosis of disease on a subcellular level. I’ve learned a lot about the applications of biochemistry research this summer, and the immediate impact it can have on improving the healthcare system. Witnessing the significance of this type of research has inspired me to keep learning, and I hope to pursue advanced education in the field through graduate school and ultimately a Ph.D.


I believe that the many applications of biomedical research could benefit the Osage Nation as well. There are many Osages who suffer health issues, and too often I’ve seen members of my community suffer through ailments for which there aren’t reliable treatments. In my career, I want to develop methods to diagnose and treat these diseases, to use science to improve the quality of life for as many people as I can and educate my community.

For more information contact: 

Bill Webb,
Executive Director
Osage Nation Foundation
PO Box 92777, Southlake, TX  76092
(214) 205-7495 (phone)  (817) 796-1816 (fax)

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