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Mission Statement

The Osage Nation Foundation primarily works to promote and enhance the general welfare of the people of the Osage Nation by supporting cultural, educational, health, historical, community and other appropriate activities and programs. Our funding supports projects directly impacting and benefiting Osage Nation members, particularly artists and youth, in addition to causes and activities supporting the communities where Osage live and work. The projects we support are intended to have definable and measurable outcomes and make a meaningful and lasting difference in and around the Osage Nation.


  • Positively impact projects deemed important to our mission while continually looking for new opportunities to expand our reach

  • Help lessen the burdens of the Tribal Government by unobtrusively adding support to existing Osage Nation programs and activities

  • Identify and cultivate long-term strategic partnerships that will enhance the Foundation’s effectiveness in the years ahead

  • Fund curated projects that fit within the stated mission of the organization

  • Generate and raise funds to make the organization self-sustaining

Welcome to Osage Nation Foundation

Dear Friends and Supporters,

On behalf of everyone involved in the Osage Nation Foundation, thank you for your interest in our organization.

The Osage Foundation was first established in 2005 by the Osage Nation for the purpose of lessening the burdens of the tribal government by providing charitable services to the Osage Tribe and its members. Since that time, our mission has broadened and expanded with a specific focus on supporting Osage youth and elders as well as promoting and preserving Osage art and culture. Since our inception, we have financially supported dozens of Osage artists and their projects, hundreds of Osage youth participating in youth camps, and many worthy causes in and around Osage villages and communities.

Our short and long-term goals, which are reviewed and updated annually by our Board of Trustees, help guide our Foundation leadership in shaping the future and measure our progress and ongoing effectiveness. We want to positively impact projects deemed important to our mission while continually looking for new opportunities to expand our reach. To help lessen the burdens of the Tribal Government, we want to unobtrusively add support to existing Osage Nation programs and activities where applicable, while initiating our own worthy projects that positively impact the people of the Osage Nation.

Please continue to visit our website and social media platforms for updates on Osage Nation Foundations endeavors. We promise to provide timely information for our friends and supporters. Without you, our foundation would not be effective. We want to have an open and honest relationship with all our friends and supporters. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or any type of feedback, please feel free to send an email to our executive director, Bill Webb, at bwebb@osagefoundation.org.


Monte Boulanger
Chairman of the Board,
Osage Nation Foundation