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The mission of the Osage Nation Foundation is to promote and enhance the general welfare of the people of the Osage Nation by supporting cultural, educational, health, historical, community and other appropriate activities and programs. The Osage Nation Foundation (ONF) charter and bylaws were created and ratified on July 20, 2005 by the Osage Tribal Council. The entity was organized as a not-for-profit corporation on October 18, 2005 by the Office of the Secretary of the Osage Nation under Osage sovereign law. In 2006, the Internal Revenue Service recognized the Osage Nation Foundation as a non-profit public charity organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. The charter of the Foundation was amended in April 2008 by the Osage Congress to bring the language in line with the new constitutional form of tribal government. The organization was generally inactive until 2009 when Principal Chief Jim Gray appointed a new Board of Trustees. In October 2011, the Board of Trustees amended its bylaws to agree with the previously-amended charter. In 2011, the Osage Congress appropriated funds to hire a professional firm to manage the affairs of the organization. Board of Trustees are appointed by the Principal Chief of the Osage Nation to staggered three-year terms. All appointments are subject to confirmation by the Osage Congress. The Board consists of five members. An executive director manages the day-to-day operations and the Board of Trustees as fiduciary and strategic oversight of the Executive Director and the organization. Officers are elected each year by the Board of Trustees to one-year terms. Officers include Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary/Treasurer.

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Carl Ponca Retrospective Exhibit Catalogue Available


A new new exhibit supported by the Osage Foundation, entitled “Carl Ponca: A Retrospective” is featured at the Osage Nation Museum and will run thru January 21st, 2017. A full-color catalogue is available for a suggested donation of $15 at the Osage Nation Museum with all proceeds benefitting the Museum.

Carl Ponca encapsulated the word Artist,: Osage, Painter, Sculptor, Sketch Artist, Glass Blower, Arts Advocate & Educator, Museum Curator and Inventor; Carl Ponca was all of these things and more. Ponca dedicated his life to the arts.

Ponca is being honored posthumously by the ONM for his lifetime dedication to the arts. In the course of his life, Ponca created numerous works of art in a variety of mediums. The ONM is proud to present the work of a talented Osage artist, educator and one-time previous director of the ONM.

This exhibition has been a collaborative effort between Hallie Winter, ONM Curator, and Mr. Ponca’s family. Carl Ponca’s daughters Wendy and Felicia Ponca and Ponca’s first wife, Barbara Ponca have loaned all of the artwork to the ONM for this exhibition. His Granddaughter, Alexandra Ponca Stock, has designed the catalogue that will be available for purchase. Wendy Ponca said “My father inspired all of his family, students, and his acquaintances to love and explore the arts with his natural teaching abilities and gift of speech. He was an Osage who knew and told us the Osage oral history that had been passed down from his grandparents and other relatives. This was a priceless gift. It is a fitting tribute that his first show after his death is being held at the Osage Nation Museum.”

The Osage Museum was founded in 1938 and is the oldest tribally owned museum in the United States. Admission and parking are free. The museum is located on the Osage Nation campus at 819 Grandview in Pawhuska, OK. For more information, contact the museum at 918-287-5441.

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