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A Non-Profit Promoting the Continued Development of the Osage Reservation & the Communities Influenced by the Osage Nation

Osage Artist Registry

The Osage Nation Foundation Artist Registry is an online directory of Osage artists, musicians, actors, dancers, arts and cultural organizations, and even professionals in the arts industry. As part of our ongoing mission to support Osage artists, we have created the ONF Artist Registry to provide online exposure for each artist with their own information and links directly to the artist’s own website. This valuable online resource provides artists additional exposure to be seen and contacted. These pages help all artists gain higher positions in Internet search results – increasing their chances of being noticed. The Osage Nation Foundation's Artist Registry also provides interested parties a way to contact the artist. To become a registered artist, click here.

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Osage Nation History

The vibrant history of the Osage is that of a proud, spiritual people who have weathered hardship to emerge as a leading force in Native America. Part of the Northern Plains tribes, the Osage were known for being bold warriors, skilled hunters and farmers, and preservers of family life.

The Osage of today, resonate their culture of long standing traditions by clinging to the lessons of their ancestors. The modern day Osage is educated, diverse and staunch to the fact that being Osage is their identity.

The Osage Nation Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists to promote the continued development of the Osage Reservation and the communities influenced by the Osage Nation.

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Osage Nation Mission

The Osage Nation Foundation primarily works to promote and enhance the general welfare of the people of the Osage Nation by supporting cultural, educational, health, historical, community and other appropriate activities and programs. Our funding supports projects directly impacting and benefiting Osage Nation members, particularly artists and youth, in addition to causes and activities supporting the communities where Osage live and work.

Osage Featured Product

2022 Osage Nation Foundation Collectible Christmas Ornament

The Osage Sesquicentennial Celebration commemorates

the 150th Anniversary of the Osage Reservation established

in 1872. The event celebrates Osage resilience and recognizes major accomplishments that have sustained us as a Nation on this land. It is appropriate to recognize this historical marker to acknowledge where we came from, where we are today and where we are going in the future. Each year, a new collectible ornament is designed to commemorate some aspect of Osage culture and history so that a grand tradition and collection can be passed from one generation to the next. All proceeds from the sale of this ornament benefits the charitable mission of the Osage Nation Foundation.


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